Paper Submission 

Submit your paper in a single MSWord® file in 12 point Times New Roman font, single spacing to   

Preparation of Papers 

  1. Papers should be written in English. Authors are strongly advised to have their paper checked carefully for spelling, grammar and usage before submission. 
  2. The first page of the paper should show the paper’s title and abstract. The paper should not state author names, to permit double-blind review.
  3. Author names, affiliations and the abstract will be submitted separately alongside the paper, in plain text for the reviewers’ use only.
  4. The abstract should not exceed 250 words, should provide a concise rationale, objectives, methodology, key findings, conclusion and recommendations, and at most 6 key words.  
  5. The paper submitted for review should be all-inclusive, with references, tables and figures appearing in the paper, and NOT in separate files.
  6. The full paper should consist of:  title, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions, acknowledgements, references and should not exceed 6000 words

Tables and Figures 

  1. Tables and figures in the main text of the paper should be numbered separately and sequentially.
  2. Each table and figure should be presented on a separate page of the paper, with a brief and self-explanatory title. All text should be clearly legible, and all graphics and legends should be easily distinguished when printed in black and white. 
  3. Notes under each table and figure should be used to explain and specify the source of all data shown.
  4. When regression results are being reported in a table, indicate the value of the estimated coefficient and report the standard error of the estimate  in parentheses directly below the point estimate. You may indicate statistical significance at standard test levels using asterisks


  1. Formulae should be composed in an equations editor where possible, to ensure appropriate spacing and lettering when printed.
  2. Equations should be presented on a separate line and numbered sequentially at the right-hand margin of the page, in parentheses.
  3. All variable names, symbols, subscripts and superscripts should be explained in the text where they are first used.


  1. Footnotes should be used sparingly. In many cases it will be possible to incorporate the information in normal text.
  2. If used, footnotes should be numbered in the text, indicated by superscript numbers, and kept as brief as possible.


  1. All sources used should be cited in the text using the author’s surname and publication year, with a complete list of references given in alphabetical order following the text of the paper. The paper should be carefully checked for errors in author’s names, dates and publication details, and to ensure that all citations are in the reference list while all references listed are cited in the text
  2. Citation style should follow APA.


  1. Authors should ensure that publication of material quoted or reproduced from previous work would not infringe copyright