The African Farm Management Association is a society of people who are involved directly or indirectly in the agricultural process and who have an interest in agriculture. The individuals involved range from corporate producers, managers, consultants, researchers, scholars, policy-makers, agro-dealers, farming and marketing organizations and agribusiness companies associated with agriculture, horticulture, livestock and rural enterprise.

The objectives of AFMA Include;

  1. To advance the knowledge and understanding of farm business management and to exchange ideas and information about farm management theory and practice throughout the continent of Africa and the world.

  2. To improve cooperation among stakeholders in farm management with an interest in African issues at the regional and international levels.

  3. To promote capacity building, research, policy dialogue and interest of Farm Management in Africa.

  4. To contribute to the wider objective of Agricultural productivity in an effort to reduce poverty, enhance food security and sustainable use of farm resources in Africa.


Provide stakeholders in Farm and Agribusiness Management in Africa a platform for policy dialogue and sharing experience in order to help advance agriculture in the continent


To be a one-stop shop on best practices in Farm and Agribusiness management in Africa

Latest News

9th AFMA Congress 16th - 21st Nov 2014


Theme " Transforming African Agriculture: From Production to Markets and beyond"

AFMA Conference 2012 - Nairobi - Kenya


Conference Highlights held at Sarova Panafric Hotel - Nairobi Kenya on 25th - 29th Nov 2012


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9th AFMA Congress Announcement and Call for Papers

9th Africa Farm Management Congress Announcement and Call for Papers - "Transforming African Agriculture: From Production to Markets and beyond"